Solidarity Statement

We stand in solidarity with marginalized communities across the world and in MENA.
Here's what we're doing to support them.

our goal

We're working to build a region where financial illiteracy does not exist. Where people have access to tools and resources to improve their financial wellbeing and their understanding of the global financial system.


As we're committed to transparency, here are the projects we're working on to build a financially literate MENA:



Our commitment to refugees and marginalized communities continues with our refugee toolkit. With both video and physical content catered to refugees fleeing and relocating to MENA.



With FoloosTalks we're actively working with schools and community groups to host community-based sessions to help gain more knowledge about financial literacy.


People of Determination

We work with educators and specialists to create content specific to people of determination, with lesson plans catered specifically to them. We also recruit POD to join our team and help us and share their perspectives.


Diasporas in the MENA

We acknowledge how diverse our region is, with over 200 nationalities residing in MENA, we've created content and updated our website translation to the most popular languages spoken in diasporas across the region.


The Enviroment

We're working on creating content to protect our only planet. As much as financial literacy matters, without our planet nothing would.