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Worried about your students finances? Let's change that.

BloomingClubs offers an opportunity for students to learn about financial literacy, business and economics. With our resources and lesson plans you can make sure your students bloom.


Teach your students with confidence

We get it, you're looking to become a future leader in your industry. We offer that, alongside our partners, we offer heads of clubs unique internship opportunities available exclusively to you.

Enrich your students learning

Be a part of a growing movement of teens to be financially literate, you'll also be apart of an exclusive community of vetted like-minded people.

Connect the real world to the classroom

With our wide variety of resources, you can develop your club in no time. Need help? Get one of our advisors who have established their own clubs to help you out.

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Our application is simple and direct. All the information you need is your school and contact.


Step 1

Submit the form with the correct information. Make sure to use an active email address.


Step 2

Your form will be reviewed by one our outreach department and you'll be sent more information and be able to set up a call.


Step 3

After you complete a call with one of our team members, you're set! You'll be sent all important information on the contact you provided.


Step 4

All further information will be sent to the chapter president and you.


What is in it for you?

We want to make sure its worth it for you.


Vetted AP® Study Guides

Use our AP® Macroeconomics and AP® Microeconomics study guides, alongside our wide range of syllabuses and prestentations.

Guides & Lesson Plans

We offer a variety of lesson plans and worksheets, ranging from different grade levels all the way from Pre-K to High School, as well as specially made Student of Determination guides.

Connect your students to Financial Literacy

Let your students dive deeper into managing their finances and help them reach a step closer to being financially responsible.


Still on the fence?

Still not sure or have questions? Book a call with one of our advisors or simply ask a question by using our Discord server. Click here to join.

Check our FAQ document.

Do you have a question? We don't want to keep you unanswered, click here to check our FAQ document. If you still have a question you can book a call with one of our team members.

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