Bringing financial literacy to a grass-roots level.

What is bloomingclubs

What is BloomingClubs?

BloomingClubs is the launchpad for financial literacy, business, and economics for knowledge-hungry students. Blooming offers BloomingClubs a plethora of resources and advice for them to thrive, so you can focus on things that benefit your members.

Can anyone join BloomingClubs?

Yes! An existing or new club can join BloomingClubs. The only requirement is a drive to learn more and also being in high school.

Is BloomingClubs free?

Also yes! We're completely volunteer-run, there are no fees to be a BloomingClubs member.

Why bloomingclubs

What you'll gain

Hand-Picked Resources

Access a library of in-house and specially made resources, ranging from our AP® Economics guide to our one-of-a-kind 101 kits made especially for BloomingClubs.


With BloomingClubs, clubs are given one on one mentorship with a special team of advisors, not only that, BloomingClub members are invited to our premier FoloosTalks program.


BloomingClub members are given a platform where they can meet other like-minded individuals and connect with future business leaders and forge meaningful collaborations.

Exclusive Events

BloomingClubs offers exclusive competitions to its members including the annual Oryx Challenge, as well as the monthly trivia and game nights with fellow BloomingClub members.

Career Building

BloomingClubs also offers head of clubs and key people internship opportunities at some of its partner organizations. So you can start advancing your career today.

Supporting Your School

BloomingClubs offers a wide variety of lesson plans and resources for teachers, we also support most international teaching standards.


Still on the fence?

Still not sure or have questions? Book a call with one of our advisors or simply ask a question by using our Discord server. Click here to join.

Check our FAQ document.

Do you have a question? We don't want to keep you unanswered, click here to check our FAQ document. If you still have a question you can book a call with one of our team members.

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